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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

An embroidery machine is a big purchase for your company, big or small. So it’s important to understand the condition of your investment. We provide you with the quality of thoroughly inspected and certified machinery that your business deserves through our Certified Used Embroidery Machines division. With 30+ years in the embroidery industry, we can provide you with all the knowledge you need to purchase and maintain your embroidery machine with confidence and peace of mind.

What makes our machines certified?

Our machines are put through a lengthy 22-step certification process to ensure that the machines we sell and service is held to the highest expectation of quality. Our customers receive the best product that suits and helps grow their business.

Peace of Mind for Your Business:

22-Step Certified Checklist

✓10-Point Diagnostic Electrical/Mechanical Check:

  • Ensure control panel and power box work properly
  • Test electric moving parts (20-30 parts)
  • Ensure pickers are properly firing and adjusted
  • Ensure upper thread hooks fire and adjust to move between magic strips
  • Ensure knives open and close properly
  • Ensure main shaft spins 360 degrees
  • Check X-axis frame movements
  • Check Y-axis frame movements
  • Test color change motor
  • Ensure holding device functions properly

✓Align, Center and Sync Machine Heads
✓Inspect Needle Bar Case and Internal Parts Behind Head:

  • Service needle bar cases, rubbers and felts
  • Check bushings
  • Clean and re-oil needle bars

✓Check and Replace Knives
✓Remove, Service and Readjust Magic Strips
✓Remove, Clean, Inspect and Replace Reciprocators
✓Inspect Fasteners, Nuts and Bolts, Replace as Necessary
✓Check Rotary Hooks and Bobbin Cases, Replace as Needed
✓Inspect Cams, Bearings and Bushings
✓Inspect Pulleys, Belts and Gears
✓Check and Reset Needle Depth and Stop-Position Collars
✓Check and Adjust Hook Timing
✓Regrease and Oil Moving Parts (20-30 parts)
✓Check and Adjust Upper and Lower Tensions
✓Resync Cap Driver and Tubular Arms
✓Update Current Version of Software if Applicable
✓Update Hardware from Floppy Disc to USB if Applicable
✓Check Wiring from Power Box to Control Panel
✓Inspect and Fix Accessories Equipped for the Machine
✓Test-Run Machines on Cap and Tubular for Approximately 120,000 Stitches
✓Clean the Surface of Machine and Necessary Components
✓Add 90-Day Electronic Components Warranty Service

Check out our full certified used embroidery machines inventory here.

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