Top Embroidery Supplies to Use for Easier Embroidery Work

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

By Lacey Stephens, Supplies Specialist

When running embroidery, you may experience problems like constant thread breaks, hooping issues, or embroidering odd or bulky items. Here are some brands and supplies that I use to help improve quality and minimize issues.

Mighty Hoops!

Mighty Hoop 5.5 inch HoopHoopMaster Mighty Hoop Kit 5.5 inch

These embroidery hoops are an amazing product! If you’re having problems with logo placement, trouble hooping large items, suffer from carpel tunnel, garments slipping position, or running behind on projects, these are your answer. They make for faster hooping, relief of wrist and hand pain, and retain consistent placement when used with the Hoopmaster fixture.

Isacord Polyester Thread.

Isacord Polyester Thread

Isacord thread runs smoother than any embroidery thread I’ve used. I’ve seen significantly less thread breaks, sharper embroidery color, and it holds strong. I highly recommend this thread if you have customers that need industrial strength materials. It also holds up well when laundered. It keeps a long shelf life and is very affordable.

Fil Tec Magna Glide Bobbins.

Fil Tec Magna Glide Embroidery Bobbins

These embroidery bobbins have a magnetic core in the bobbin so it’s inserted correctly every time. It’s made of polyester thread and the magnetic core prevents it from backlashing and with over spinning. It reduces “bird nesting” and all around glides smoother than other bobbins.

Organ Needles.

Organ Embroidery Needles

The 75/11 needle is the most common and versatile embroidery needle used. These come in many sizes for different projects and are very affordable and durable. They carry chrome and titanium and last longer than other brands in my opinion.

Gunold Backing.

Gunold Embroidery Backing

There is a large variety of Gunold backing to choose from. Like, roll cut or precut sizes, white or black, and numerous kinds of materials for different project needs, such as cut away or tear away. When using this brand of backing, projects will run smoother with less issues. I’m also a big fan of their trademarked Solvy topping. I’ve used it for years for anything from knits and towels to patches.

Gunold Peggy Stitch Eraser.

Peggy Stitch Eraser

This tool is a must have in the embroidery world. You will make mistakes because let’s be honest, nobody is perfect. You can shave your thread out and save your garment or hat if you happen to run it in the wrong color or your embroidery didn’t come out as planned.

Hooptech ICTCS 1 or 2 Systems.

Hooptech Clamping Systems

These hooping systems made by Hooptech are great for large and thick bags. They are nonslip and hold the material tightly and will last many years. They are a durably made product and they also have wonderful customer service in case you need help with your product. These and Mighty Hoops run a tight race for the top embroidery hoops to use.

Filmoplast Sticky Backing.

  Gunold Filmoplast Gunold Filmoplast  Gunold Filmoplast

This is another embroidery backing product I have used for years. These are great for hat straps and used with Durkee EZ frames (which are also a great product for bags and larger embroidery). This sticky paper works great for keeping those garments in place that want to continue to slip.

Thermoseal Waterproofer.

  Gunold Thermoseal Gunold Thermoseal

Use this type of embroidery film to waterproof your embroidery. Apply it to the back of your embroidery work so water will not penetrate through the needle punctured holes. This is great for outdoor clothing or work clothing.

I hope these embroidery supplies suggestions help you when looking for top products to make your jobs easier. I truly believe to have great results, you need the best products. Quality means a lot to me and I’ve noticed through the years, it will make your work run smoother with less hiccups, which also means saving time. All of those little details can really set you back when you run a tight schedule.

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