The Top 5 Embroidery Backings I Prefer To Use

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

By Lacey Stephens, Sii Store Supplies Expert

1. My absolute favorite backing to use is the Totally Stable 2085, 2.5 ounce, 8×8″ pre-cut, cut away by Gunold. It’s a versatile backing that works on just about every type of garment that I embroider on. I would not suggest this for 100% polyester shirts though because there is a backing made just for that type of material, which I’ll tell you about also! The 2.5 oz cut away backing is the perfect weight for most garments. I like using them on cotton t-shirts or hoodies, and the 8×8″ backing size is perfect for the 5.5″ Mighty Hoop that I use.

totally stable embroidery backing

Totally Stable Cut Away Backing


2. I prefer to use two pieces of embroidery backing most of the time, for added stability and how easy it is to cut away from your garment. For the 100% polyester t-shirts or any type of active wear that is thin, slick, and stretchy, I prefer the Gunold Poly ActionBack backing. I star shape this for added stability, so it holds the material down while embroidering and keeps it from bubbling or puckering which is a problem when doing this type of material. If it is still puckering, I will add one piece of Totally Stable in between the two pieces of poly action backing. This seems to help on those very difficult projects. This backing is woven and feels more like the performance material than your standard backing.

poly action backing

Poly Action Backing


3. Another backing I really like is the Soft ‘n Sheer delicate fabric backing. This works fantastic for infant onesies, toddler clothing, or sheer garments that are see through. Since infants and toddlers have sensitive skin, this super soft backing will not irritate their skin and yet it’s still strong enough to hold your embroidery stitching without flaws. This is a thin backing which works fantastic for those see through layering shirts or workout racerback tees.

Soft N Sheer fabric backing

Soft N Sheer Fabric Backing


4. AllStitch cut away backing is another great product. This is 100% polyester and has a grid pattern reinforcement for durability and stability. This is very tough backing and will tackle almost any job.

AllStitch cut away backing

AllStitch Cut Away Backing


5. If I am running knit hats or very thick canvas items, I use the 1.5 ounce, Gunold quick tear away backing. This works well because pulling off the backing of a knit hat can affect your embroidery stitching, causing it to rip sometimes. Quick tear does not do this since it tears away very quickly with no resistance and I do not have to worry about my stitches ripping away with the backing.

tear away backing

Tear Away Backing

I wanted to share my favorite backings with you because I believe if you have the right kind, your jobs will be easier and less of a headache. I have worked with many different kinds of embroidery backings over the years and I tend to be very picky when choosing the right kind. If you have any questions about which backing will work for your projects, chat me up and call 573-866-3676, ext. 203. I will be happy to help you out any way that I can, happy embroidering!

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