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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Have you ever trained a new employee and tried to explain all the places a multi-head embroidery machine needs to get oiled? Oiling a large embroidery machine takes a lot of work. There are so many places that you have to make sure that you don’t miss. Whether it is getting all the needle bars lubed up or oiling the rotary hooks, the tedious work of hitting every point with an oiler pen can be daunting for someone who is not experienced. If one of those points is forgotten, over time it can ultimately cause a major failure that could cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the problems associated with oiling a machine have been solved by SWF. SWF has created an amazing system that gets into all those places for you so that you can focus on what’s important to you, embroidering and making money.

Not Missing an Oiling Location

There are videos all over the internet trying to explain to people how to oil embroidery machines and how to get into all the nooks and crannies of the machine to find these locations. With a single head machine this can be quite a task, but when it comes to a multi-head embroidery machine it gets overwhelming. Having to keep track of oiling needle bars alone can be crazy especially when it’s a 15 needle machine and there are 8 heads (this makes 120 oiling points by itself). It is too easy to get pulled off of oiling a machine to do some other task and forget where you were at in the oiling process. This is why SWF has created their automatic oiling system. Instead of you having to remember all the oiling points, they did it for you. Throughout the machine is a network of oiling lines that carries oil to all its hard-to-reach places. No longer do you need to stop embroidering and making money to go through the lengthy process of oiling. Instead, by using SWF machines equipped with their special oiling system, your machine can get oiled quickly and without extensive training.

Getting the Right Amount of Oil

One of the problems in trying to teach someone how to oil a multi-head embroidery machine is remembering how many drops from an oil pen each location is supposed to get. Just the tubular arm alone can have several oiling points and each of these points needs to get different amounts of drops. To make matters worse, not only does each point get a different number of drops, but they also need to get oiled at different intervals. While one spot needs a couple drops about once a week, there are other spots that need to be oiled several times a day when running. SWF has simplified this process by having their system deliver the right amount of oil to each point.

Forgetting to Oil

Getting busy working on embroidery jobs can cause anyone to forget about maintenance. However, forgetting to oil your embroidery machine can be a costly mistake. Every mechanical machine with lots precision moving parts depends on oil to keep it running smoothly. When an embroidery machine goes down it not only cost money to fix, but it also means the embroidery jobs that are making you money are not getting completed. SWF has placed its oiling reservoir in a convenient location making it easy to access and it stands as a visible reminder of your need to oil your machine. Located next to this reservoir is a little handle. By pumping this handle, the correct amount of oil can get delivered throughout your machine.

Performing the routine maintenance work of oiling your embroidery machine is very important and without it major repairs will be needed. This work often requires special training and knowledge about the location of specific machine parts. With the SWF automatic oiling system, a new employee can learn to oil a large multi-head embroidery machine in seconds and your business can save costly time doing maintenance. If you would like to bring the SWF automatic oiling system to your shop, contact us today for more information.


This article was originally posted on swfemb.com that Stitch It International runs and owns. It has been re-purposed and added to our most up-to-date blog here.

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