SWF Announces ISS Atlantic City Giveaway Winner of New Embroidery Machine

Stitch It International
Thursday, September 14, 2017

SWF by Stitch It International has chosen a winner from attendees at the ISS Atlantic City Trade Show for a brand new SWF/E-T1501C embroidery machine.

Marcus Hernandez and Dion Camacho of Your Vision Printing & Media Solutions from Bronx, New York were the lucky winners of over hundreds of entrants in our booth. The company is a creative agency specializing in both tangible printing materials and media for marketing and advertisements. Hernandez and Camacho expect to use the new embroidery machine to expand their offerings in newly branched departments so that their customers can get all their products and marketing services in one place.

“This machine will be used to advance our marketing and capitalize on our creativity through garment printing, and showcase our work. We will produce a lot of different hat designs and other creative means and broaden our clientele through our skill of video and being an edgy company from NYC. We specialize in creativity and we have a good sense of what customers like because of our background in urban art,” says co-owner, Hernandez.

Pictured from L to R: Brent McMinn, Founder of Stitch It International, Barb Capote, East Coast SWF Sales Rep, Dion Camacho, Co-Owner of Your Vision Printing & Media Solutions.


The company has recently opened a new location in the Hunts point section of the Bronx neighborhood. Though the new SWF machine will help expand Your Vision Printing & Media Solutions business, the expansion is a symbol that goes much deeper.

“We are very involved and proactive in the community and try to give back and volunteer because we are Bronx residents and Bronx based business owners. We care about our city and the people who live there,” says Hernandez.

Kyle McMinn, CEO of Stitch It International adds, “Marcus and Dion are notable examples of owners who simply just care, which goes a long way in business. We hope that the machine from the giveaway can allow them to go even further, whether it’s in their industry or an opportunity to do more in their community.”

Congratulations to Marcus and Dion and best of luck to you both!

Keep checking back for more information and which embroidery trade shows we will show up to next!

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