Stitch It International Visits Sunstar and SWF Headquarters in South Korea

Stitch It International
Monday, October 09, 2017

SWF manufacturer SunStar invited Brent and Kyle McMinn of Stitch It International to headquarters in Incheon, South Korea for Stitch It International’s performance as the official USA SWF machine distributor since 2016. Administration from both companies met to discuss further plans and to present the Great Dedication award for outstanding SWF sales in the USA.


Stitch It International is the second largest distributor in the world for SunStar’s SWF embroidery machines. To show appreciation for hard work done, SunStar rolled out the red carpet experience and hospitality to the visiting Stitch It International executives. The visit is also a bigger sign of a great partnership between the two companies, with a stable and rewarding future ahead.


The McMinn’s met with company leaders including SunStar’s chairman, Byeong-Jun Son, also the chairman of publicly traded Mobase. Mobase is one of the biggest suppliers to Samsung and is at the forefront of engineering and manufacturing technological products. This expertise and the secure financial backing from Mobase is advantageous for SunStar. The company can continue to enhance engineering practices and business to improve SWF embroidery machines under Byeong’s leadership.


With leading ways to advance technology, further discussions during the visit included developing business strategies and working with research and development on USA specifications. The McMinns gave valuable input on the needs and requirements of USA embroidery machines. This guidance will help SunStar alter necessary designs and mechanisms, so that a quality SWF product will continue to be brought to the USA market. Coming up the pipeline is the latest 2018 machine model previewed at headquarters, which will have a higher performance and be more efficient on embroidering projects for users.


The success of Stitch It International in the USA brings consideration to expand the company’s distribution network of SWF machines to Mexico in 2018, and the rest of North America in the future. Additionally, SunStar expects to move headquarters to bigger offices in Incheon soon, expanding their work space as the company continues to grow.


The partnership for Sunstar/SWF and Stitch It International moves forward with innovation, enthusiasm and a strong foundation with more to come.

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