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How much money can I make with an embroidery machine?

This is a familiar question for beginners in the embroidery industry. Here’s a couple examples of your income potential, using two popular products – polo shirts and baseball caps.

Potential cashflow with baseball caps

Let’s break those numbers down
Hat: $2.50
Embroidery Supplies: $0.10
Total material costs: $2.60
A finished embroidered cap can sell for around $18.

Tell Me More About Custom Caps

The wholesale cost of a cap is around $2.50, and the cost of embroidery supplies is about $0.10 per cap.

For production time, it will take approximately 5 minutes per cap at 1,000 stitches per minute. At this rate, you can produce
10 caps per hour. In an 8-hour day, that’s approximately 80 caps. In a 20-day month (weekends and holidays off), you can
produce 1,600 caps.

There are, of course, other costs to consider:

  • The hourly rate you’re paying any sales staff – usually in the $8-14/hr range
  • The machine cost – around $12,900 + shipping (for the E-T1501C)
  • Electricity use
  • Replacement oil and needles –approximate annual cost of $300

You can utilize the embroidery machine without a down payment, with a lease sum of roughly $280/month. Once you factor
in the cost of materials, the machine, wages, etc., the cost to produce a cap is around $6. Again, these caps can easily sell for
$18 or more.

After factoring in costs, we get a profit of $12/per cap. Previously, we stated you can produce around 1,600 caps per month
with one single-head SWF embroidery machine, bringing your average profit per month to around $19,200.

After your monthly lease payment, your monthly profit is still an average of $18,920.

Return on investment

Single-head machine and caps

Total cost$6/cap
Selling price$18/cap
Total profit$12/cap
Monthly profit$19,200
Lease payment expense$19,200 – $280 = $18,920
Annual profit$227,040

Sell 1,000 caps based on this number, and the SWF single head machine will pay for itself!

Let’s run those same numbers if you were to upgrade to an SWF 6-head machine.

6-head machine and caps

Daily production480 caps
Monthly production9,600 caps
Total cost$6/cap
Selling price$18/cap
Total profit$12/cap
Monthly profit$115,200
Lease payment expense$115,200 – $982 = $114,218
Annual profit$1,370,616

Using the numbers above, a 6-head SWF embroidery machine would pay for itself when you sold about 3,650 pieces!

Custom polo shirts and profits

Let’s break those numbers down
Polo shirt cost: $25
Embroidery supplies: $0.10
Wages, rent, etc.: $2.80
Total cost per shirt: $27.90

Tell Me More About Custom Polo Shirts

Higher end polo shirts cost around $25 wholesale. Using the same numbers and averages as above for embroidery jobs, the cost for supplies is approximately $0.10 per shirt. These finished shirts typically sell for approximately $50 each making your profit per shirt $24.90.

Using these numbers, let’s see what your profit would be with just one single-head SWF embroidery machine.

Return on investment

Single-head machine and polo shirts

Total cost$27.90/ shirt
Selling price$50/ shirt
Total profit$22.10/ shirt
Monthly profit$35,360
Lease payment expense$35,360 – $280 = $35,080
Annual profit$420,960

Again, let’s calculate these same numbers if you were to upgrade to an SWF 6-head embroidery machine.

6-head machine and caps

Total cost$27.90/ shirt
Selling price$50/ shirt
Total profit$22.10/ shirt
Monthly profit$212,160
Lease payment expense$212,160 – $982 = $211,178
Annual profit$2,534,136

Starting an embroidery business can be a profitable venture, and your SWF embroidery machine has the potential to pay for itself in a very short amount of time!

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