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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

At Stitch It International, we distribute SWF embroidery machines that are easy to operate, quick to learn and reliable – even if you know nothing about embroidery.

Since the early 1960s, commercial embroidery has grown into a multibillion dollar industry in the United States alone. Millions upon millions of businesses now contract small and large embroidery companies to fulfill their apparel personalization needs – Don’t believe it? Think about how many businesses in your area buy polo shirts with stitched-on logos for their employees. Colleges, hospitals, fitness centers, public schools … And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily join the lucrative embroidery industry.

Explore Your Creative Side

Push your imagination to its limits. Look around. There are opportunities for embroidery services everywhere. From quirky sayings to company logos to finely detailed designs, with an SWF embroidery machine you can easily mass produce products that speak to your niche and captivate your audience. Don’t want to limit yourself? No problem! These machines can embroider jackets, hats, bags, polos and so much more.

embroidery work

Where do you envision your designs?

✓In a supermarket on reusable shopping bags
✓On company polo shirts at a Chamber of Commerce event
✓At a hospital on medical uniforms
✓On caps supporting a Little League team
✓On outerwear vests for a company fishing trip
✓At a visitor center on a variety of items for tourists
✓Available for purchase in an online shop
✓At an outdoor specialty store on beanies, jackets, scarves and other winter gear
✓On blankets celebrating school pride
✓On flags waving at sporting events

Which SWF embroidery machine is right for you?

Our reputable sales team will help you decide which machine will best match your needs. All machines come with a full-color LCD panel and an industry-leading seven-year warranty. Check out our single-head models first here.

And contact us to get started or with any questions:

SWF Sales Team

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