With all-NEW wifi capability to transfer designs to your machine wirelessly, alongside adjustable presser feet for better control, this KS series 6-head machine offers a wider work area and comes packed with innovative features – including increased running speed to produce designs flawlessly up to 1,200 stitches per minute.

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Brand & Model: SWF/KS-UK1506-45
Number of Heads: 6 Heads
Number of Needles: 15 Needles
Table Length (NEW 2021 Feature): 24 inch (9.5 inch shorter than last model, exclusive to the US market)
Thread Tubes (NEW 2021 Feature): Keeps thread from tangling
Machine Dimensions: N/A
Cap Sewing Field: 360 x 75 mm / 14.17 x 2.95 inch
Power: 110v
Operation Box: LCD Full Color Touchscreen Panel
Design Input: USB
Design Memory: 490 Million Stitches
Max Speed: 1200 SPM
Flat Sewing Field: 500 x 450 mm / 19.68 x 17.71 inch*

*Only with KS-Series models with wider tables and optional border frame. Must special order.

Included Accessories

Quick Change Cap Frame Set
  • cap frames (2PCS Per Head)
  • cap frame drivers (6PCS)
  • cap frame holder (1PCS)
Tubular Round Frame (2PCS Per Head)
  • TRF 12 (4.25")
  • TRF 15 (5.4")
  • TRF 18 (6.6")
Tubular Square Frame (2PCS Per Head)
  • TSF-30x30cm (12.3" x 12.3")
  • TSF-45x44cm (16.6" x 17.1")

Additional Options

  • Delivery & Installation
  • On-Site Training
  • Payment Options

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