Stitch Tip: How to Increase Embroidery Production

Stitch It International
Thursday, February 20, 2020

By Lacey Stephens, Supplies Specialist

With minimal prep work, these minor changes can speed up your embroidery projects and create a more efficient workflow. Here are six quick steps to implement today (at no extra cost).

1. Organize your work space.
It’s important to organize before your work day gets going. Gather the materials you need and put each one in its place. Stack your backing neatly within easy reach, along with your bobbins, extra thread, needles, and other embroidery supplies. Searching for what you need will cost you time and money, so pre-organization will streamline the process as you go through many types of projects.

2. Make sure that your tensions are correct.
When changing thread weights or thread types (for example, metallic to polyester) always adjust your tensions. Using a tension gauge will speed this process up dramatically. Bobbin tension is just as important. Incorrect bobbin tension will cause bad sewing quality and machine stops.

3. Prepare for your next order.
After you have your next project hooped and ready to go, start getting ready for your next order. Cut puffy foam for 3D embroidery jobs, select your appropriate backing, change hoops, and anything else needed for that specific order. Another huge time saver is tying up thread in your free time (do not remove the color of thread that you are currently using though!). Tie next order’s thread on needles you are not using.

4. Make sure to properly clean your machine.
A clean machine will run smoother and reduce ruined garments or hats. Brush off debris, dust and remove items that are no longer needed.

5. Replace your bobbins in between runs.
One bobbin typically runs about 40,000 stitches. For example, if you are running a 9,000 stitch count order, then you should replace all of the bobbins at once, between the 4th and 5th job run. Since bobbins can be expensive, keep the old bobbins you are removing for smaller stitch count orders or sample runs.

6. Slow your machine down on more difficult orders.
Running your machine at top speed is not always the solution. In rare cases, digitizing quality or detailed logos can be difficult to run smoothly. If you are breaking needles or rethreading constantly, try slowing your machine down a little at a time to find the optimal stitching speed for your garment. This can make a big difference with little effort. This can also increase quality when using satin stitches. When running an embroidery business, you may often have deadlines that can become stressful and hectic, especially if you fall behind on orders. Taking a few moments out of your day using these tips will increase your production with little to no effort.

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