How should I expand my custom apparel business?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Every business owner experiences growing pains – some more painful than others. Like turning down big orders because you aren’t equipped to support the demand. Ouch.

When it comes to custom apparel, it’s best to invest in scalable workflows because, let’s face it, upgrading or learning a new system later disrupts productivity and reduces income potential. There are several expansion areas worth exploring. But few match the versatility, speed, ease-of-use and scalability of digital heat transfer production.

Whether you’re currently in screen printing, working with vinyl or looking to add side income, digital heat transfer printing complements your current apparel supply. Once setup, the workflow is easy to learn and swift to operate, which makes growing your bottom line simple, affordable and fast.

A match made in heaven: OKI Data digital printers and Hotronix heat presses

If you’re ready to blow your customers away with high-quality image printing and a service that doesn’t require a big footprint, the OKI Data Pro8432wt combined with the Hotronix Fusion IQ is your ticket to success. Simply print your design using the OKI Data digital printer and use a Hotronix heat press to permanently adhere it to your garment or promo product.

Oki – Pro8432WT

The Pro8432WT provides HD-quality color digital transfer output for apparel, hard goods and a wide range of promotional materials. It features advanced white toner technology with solid opacity and CMY color that ensures images pop on dark and light-colored materials.

Hotronix – Dual Air Fusion IQ

With two workstations sharing one heated upper platen, the Dual Air Fusion IQ improves the efficiency of your operation by up to 50%, allowing you to prepare a garment on one station while the other is being pressed.

Digital heat transfer features and benefits

With traditional screen printing or heat transfer vinyl, designs are usually limited to one color and detailing is limited. Even if you do decide to do multiple colors, it can be difficult to maintain consistency from job to job, and it’s time-consuming – not to mention these services are difficult to scale for a growing business.

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