Heat transfer:

The easy way to add a revenue stream

Discover new cutting-edge digital transfer printers and heat presses.

Whether you’re ready to grow your apparel business, add services to your embroidery shop or launch into a new entrepreneur venture, digital transfer printers and heat presses are opening up new opportunities right now.

The smart, scalable way to expand your business

Create stunning new products easily. Here’s how it works: Simply print your design with an OKI Data digital printer and use a Hotronix heat press to permanently adhere it to your garment or promo product.

This one-two punch combo delivers

  • Exceptional detail
  • Consistent reproduction
  • Zero need for complex cutouts

Explore Digital Transfer Printer Features.

HD-quality color with best-in-class white toner technology

Excellent output for apparel, hard goods and promotional materials

Straight-through print path and high-efficiency material handling

SWAP toner technology supports interchangeable black and white toners

Accommodate both CMY + White or CMY + True Black printing – in a single printer

Compact, affordable and easy to operate

Model: Pro8432WT

Digital transfer printing from OKI Data and Stitch It

OKI’s digital transfer printers produce high-quality graphics and text for transfer sheets used with a variety of fabric substrates – from shirts to hats and to cups and other promotional products. These printers are compact, easy-to-use and affordable, making them great revenue boosters for your business.

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Making waves with digital transfer

What this new tech could mean for your business

Meet the smartest heat press on the market.

Fusion IQ

Hotronix heat presses feature the world’s most innovative technology – like Wifi connectivity, an auto open feature and over-the-center pressure adjustment. All of which add up to increased efficiency, superior quality and more money in your pocket. Plus, all Hotronix machines are made in the USA.

Explore Hotronix Heat Press Features.

Strongest, most advanced heat press products on the market

Efficient and easy to use, driving your business's profit margins up

Innovative technology, like Auto Open and over-the-center pressure adjustment

Proudly made in the USA

Model: Dual Air Fusion IQ

The heat press that will change your business

How the Fusion IQ is changing the game for the apparel industry

Wondering which model is right for you?

Explore all of the options and features of Hotronix from Stitch It International

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