While compact in size, this machine comes packed with new features that completely set it apart from every other embroidery machine in its class. If you’re new to embroidery or you’re looking to add a cost effective second machine, then the ES Compact has the best of everything – from technology and design, to reliability and size.

Receive your FREE Sierra Embroidery Office 17-Editing & Lettering (a $600 value)
with your purchase of the ES Compact. 

Total Package Cost:  $13, 395

Features & Specs

High Speed Operation at 1,200 SPM
Automatic Thread Trimming
LCD Full Color Control Panel
Compact Size, Easy to Use
Freehand Stitch Function
Large Sewing Field of 16.7 x 10.9in


When your embroidery business requirements include stitch retouch, design arrangement, text creation and format conversion.

Add text to your designs to quickly customize your design work. Take full advantage of your designs using ART-E25 for sizing and editing.

Utilize the included database features to organize and manage your embroidery designs. Control the quality of each design before it goes into production.


– Edit existing embroidery designs. Includes lettering and design processing.

– Design management , organization, code conversion, print out, machine connection, etc.


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Included In The Package: