Fabric Stitching Issues: Fixes for Puckering, Looping and Sinking Designs

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Monday, July 23, 2018

When you’re stuck on fabric stitching issues, it can be frustrating to know where to begin. Sometimes just a few minor adjustments can get you back on track. We give you a few steps to start with, on why your stitching may not be embroidering right on the fabric. Let us know other fabric stitching issues or resolutions you’ve encountered in our comments below!


Fabric Puckering

  1. Poor hooping. Re-hoop your fabric carefully, ensuring the surface is smooth and tucked in correctly.
  2. Wrong stabilizing. The backing and topping stabilizer used can make a significant difference in your final design. A little research on which types work best for specific projects can help you choose the right stabilizers.
  3. For proper embroidering, some computerized machines should be adjusted with the type and weight of fabric you are currently using.
  4. The needle might be damaged or hooked, which can in turn damage or pull the fabric, causing puckers.


Stitches of Design Sinking Into Fabric 

Use water soluble topping film to prevent stitches from sinking into stitches for observing types of fabric like knits, terry cloth, fleece, short fur, velvet, corduroy and jersey. It’s easy! Cut a little piece of film and put it over the background fabric (no need to hoop the topping film). Then start embroidering. After your design is ready, tear away or cut the large pieces of topping and dissolve the remainder in warm water.


Stitches Looping Under the Fabric

  1. Your machine may not be threaded correctly. Re-thread both top and bobbin thread through the machine and retry embroidering.
  2. Your needle may be old, damaged, or not secured well enough.
  3. Your top thread tension might be too loose. To check whether the problem really is the tension, remove your hoop and inspect the reverse side of your embroidery. If your tension is well balanced, you will hardly see any top thread on the reverse side. However, if you see a lot of the top thread, increase the top thread tension. The loops may be occurring because the needle is catching on those bubbling threads.


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