Easy Marketing Content Ideas for Small Businesses in the Apparel Industry

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Marketing tactics and trends are constantly changing across all industries. There are new platforms to use, a fresh viral video or meme every day. It can be an overwhelming landscape to navigate as you try to get your own content to cut through the clutter.

Content building and reaching customers doesn’t have to be hard work or costly though. With implementing just a few content ideas, you can make strides in growing your apparel business.

So, whether you’re starting out or been in the business for a while, we have a few marketing tips that won’t cost you much and help you reach your direct audience, no matter which new platform is popular today.

Show off your work and community.

People love seeing what other people are doing. Especially when they are in the same community. Show off your customer’s work as you are making their order. Not only will people get a fun peek behind-the-scenes, your customer will want to show it off to their friends and share the post. This means more eyes on highlighting the kind of work you can do and is a great avenue for free advertising.

Brag about your strengths.

Don’t be afraid to show off what you’re the best at too. If you specialize in making the best hats or customized mugs, shout it out loud. Maybe you have the fastest turn around in the area or the friendliest place where you know everyone just like they are family.

Play up your personality and what you’re good at. The content will fall into place and folks will get to know your business as a person, someone they can trust and want to do business with. People like to buy from other people, not so much a faceless business.

Take advantage of current trends.

Notice that neon is the new trend in apparel? Show examples of neon hats, shirts and other fun trendy gear. Your customers already trust you. Give them more content that will help them think of that next fun project that your business will help create!

neon hat neon cap embroidery design

And why not join in on the meme fun? Your customers would love a laugh or a potential customer will appreciate your witty sense and get to see more of your personality. Make sure the meme relates back to what you do though. Highlight your shop or products you make that goes along with a funny meme phrase or song in that viral video.

Use your email base and constantly build on it.

It’s easy to get caught up with trying to start new conversations with potential customers through social media. While still important, don’t forget about your current customer base! You would be surprised at how many businesses don’t think about their current email list. After all, repeat business is easy money with an established trusting relationship than trying to court new customers constantly.

Set up a newsletter for your customers with project ideas, new services, discounts, freebies and giveaways, and the latest news for your business and industry. Even if they don’t read each email, they will read the ones that do interest them, and take action. The goal is to provide a variety of email topics so that each customer sees what they need or like at some point (you can’t win a customer every time with an email, but you can win with your email every time with SOME customers!). This is the approach that retailers take with their promotional emails (notice how you have constant emails, multiple times a day from your favorite retail store?). Don’t do that many emails in one day, please, but do set an email calendar with varied content that makes sense for your business. It could be weekly or bi-weekly emails, depending on how much you have to show off.

Keep updating and building your email list. Make sure current customers have up-to-date information. Add new customers to the list as you take on their orders. Have an easy sign-up form on your website that mentions the good content they can expect from your marketing emails. List building can be simple as long as you stay consistent. Over time, you’ll realize that your list has grown significantly if you have the right sign-up processes in place.

Test content out to see what works.

Review the content that you are putting out. Which topics are resonating with customers? Which aren’t landing the way you want? Keep the ones that work but constantly test fresh ideas too. Your audience will appreciate the variety.

No matter which approaches you try for marketing ideas, just keep trying. Every little tweak and new idea are worth the shot to see what sticks. The more you put out, the more you will find what is comfortable for your business. Soon, you’ll be a marketing pro and the content you create will be a great reflection of your company overall.

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