Choosing the Correct Bracket Size for Your SWF Embroidery Machine Hoops

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Monday, December 07, 2020

When purchasing your SWF embroidery machine, you should know that depending on the model number you have bought or plan on buying, that your bracket sizes will be different when ordering new hoops. Which means, when you are embroidering on the 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, etc. these hoops will be different lengths from one end to the other for different machine model numbers. For example, if you have a SWF MAS-12 machine, your hoops measuring from one end to the other will be 17.6 inches long. If you change that to millimeters, the correct bracket size will be 448mm.

Another example, if you own an ES-T1501C, this compact will have no limits in sewing field. These hoops will measure 19.7 inches long (500mm). Knowing these sizes will help inform you on sewing areas and save you money when purchasing Mighty Hoops as well. Many people are not aware of this and order the wrong sizes which turn into high return costs and loss of production time due to shipping. There are six different sizes to be aware of. Let’s start with smallest then go to largest hoop sizes.

Matching SWF hoop size to the right SWF machine model:

360mm=14.2 inches. These will consist of some of the B series machines. (Always measure before ordering.)
388mm=15.3 inches. This size is very rare to use. Please call us first before ordering.
392mm=15.4 inches. This will be for any UH Multi-Heads.
448mm=17.6 inches. This will be for the 1×1 Dual, MA-6, or the MAS-12.
494mm=19.5 inches. This will be for the E-T1501 or ES-T1501 full sized single heads or the UK Multi-Heads.
500mm=19.7 inches. This will be for the E-T1501C or ES-T1501C compact single heads.

Other embroidery machine companies also have this similar set-up for their embroidery hoop sizes. Always measure the distance arm to arm and call us here at Stitch It International so you know for sure you are ordering the correct brackets. Finding the right hoop sizes for your embroidery machine can also be difficult on after market hoops or clamps as well. Our experienced staff will be able to assist you with choosing the right brackets for you. Contact us for any questions you may have!


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