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Friday, September 01, 2017

By Jason Starkey

When you choose an industrial embroidery machine for your business you need to look at several factors. Three stand out to me: 1. Quality  2. Serviceability and 3. Return on Investment.


1. Quality. Here at SWF/Stitch It International we choose to distribute SWF embroidery machines because they have long been a quality product in the embroidery industry. At one point they were the number one selling embroidery machine in the world. That alone tells you the satisfaction people have had in buying SWF machines.


2. Serviceability. We’re continually growing our service and support network. We are dedicated to grow our service network to the point that we are the best serviced embroidery machine in the U.S. Yes, this will not happen over night but check to see how far we have come as the SWF distribution point since 2015 and you will see we mean business and keep improving the best we can.


3. Return on Investment. Let’s not kid each other, this can be a deal maker or breaker. SWF provides the best value for your investment, and embroidery equipment is an investment you should not take lightly. The full line of SWF commercial embroidery machines can put money in your account faster and longer than higher priced competitors. So how you choose the right industrial machine is your choice, but we have full faith in SWF embroidery machines for your biggest return.


What kind of machines does SWF carry?

Models from the crossover version SWF/MAN-12 single head to the Industrial Single-Head Series: SWF/E-T1501C, full size SWF/E-T1501 and SWF/E-U1501. The K-Series Multi-Heads: SWF/K-UK1502SWF/K-UH1504-45SWF/K-UK1504-45SWF/K-UH1506-45SWF/K-UK1506-45 and the SWF/K-UH1508-45. The Dual Function Series: SWF/B-T1202D, SWF/K-UH1504D-45 and the SWF/K-UH1508D.


With this BIG selection of new embroidery machines you cannot go wrong with SWF, choosing the one that suits you the best. All our machines also come with standard Quick Change Cap attachments for an added bonus of changeover ease. We firmly believe our SWF embroidery machines hits the big three in quality, serviceability and return on investment.



This article was originally posted on that Stitch It International runs and owns. It has been re-purposed and added to our most up-to-date blog here.

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