Benefits of Investing in a Used Embroidery Machine

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Often businesses can be quick to turn their noses up at used embroidery machines. A common misconception with used embroidery machines is that the former owner has had the best years out of them. However, these machines are built to last for a long time and at Stitch It International we put them each through a thorough 22-Step Certified Checklist. With the certified checklist you can be confident that their last job is just as good as their first.

Embroidery machines often are the most essential asset to the success and growth of an apparel design business. Brand new machines can often be expensive and out of budget, especially for smaller and startup businesses.

This is where buying a used embroidery machine is a good way of lowering costs and still invest in a quality product that can help your business grow. Obviously, there are poor versions and poorly looked after models in the used market and you want to stay well clear of these. Especially if you approach an untrusted buyer, that is. Stitch It International, over the last 30+ years, we have perfected the used embroidery equipment and used embroidery machine certification process.

This post will show the three benefits of investing in a second-hand embroidery machine and how we can help you and your business. Plus, it’ll display the various models that we have in stock too.


Benefits of a Used Industrial Embroidery Machine Investment


As briefly mentioned above, brand new embroidery machines can be an expensive investment for businesses. The smaller and startup businesses often don’t have the capital that larger businesses do, so a second-hand embroidery machine is a great option for an entry-level or upgraded machine to increase productivity.

Used embroidery machines don’t just solve the problems for smaller businesses though. Think about it, if you can buy a quality machine that’s proven to create incredible results and has gone through the Stitch It International 22-Step Certified Checklist for a cheaper price point, that’s ideal for any business?

Price isn’t the only point to focus on though. Naturally, it tends to be the most influential factor for businesses when considering all the decisions. Just remember when considering an offer that seems too good to be true for an unbelievable product, it just might be!


Industrial embroidery machines are built to last and run all day – and that’s exactly what they do for their full life of the machine. So, if you are worried that investing in a second-hand embroidery machine means that you’re not getting the best years out of it, be rest assured you still are.

As mentioned above, at Stitch It International, we service every used embroidery machine. All our used embroidery machines are put through a 10-point Diagnostic Electrical/Mechanical check to ensure that they’re in full working order and the best condition they possibly can be. The last thing you want to do is to invest in a machine that’s no good, leaving you to splash out again for another. Which is why we also add a 90-Day Electronic Components Warranty Service to make sure everything works the way you need it to. As a trusted supplier, we want to make sure you’re guaranteed a quality machine that produces amazing results to help your business grow.


Starting a business can be an exciting time but it also has the ability to be expensive. Startup businesses are constantly looking to avoid unnecessary costs, as they don’t have the capital to spend on lots of luxurious items. When looking for a necessary embroidery machine the decision may come to: is a brand new one more of a luxury purchase?

Used embroidery machines are the perfect starting point for businesses. Not only do they allow you to watch that bottom line rather than having to shell out for a top of the range embroidery machine, they’re also the perfect way to test the water when entering the market. You’ll quickly get a feel for the volume of orders that you receive, rather than spending a lot of money and realizing you don’t need half the features included.

If you are interested in a used embroidery machine, please feel free to contact us at Stitch It International for more information on our available machines.

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