A Startup Guide For the Embroidery Beginner

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

By Lacey Stephens, Supplies Specialist

If you are just starting out in machine embroidery, you may have many questions about which products you will need to purchase, or how to get started. Here are a few tips to help you.

When purchasing your SWF machine, it will come with standard tubular hoop for running garments and a quick change cap system with cap frames for hats. The extras you should purchase will be a starter kit from our SII Store, this kit includes everything you will need to start embroidering:
the top 15 colors of Isacord’s Polyester thread,
a box of 100 Organ Sharp Chrome 75/11 needles,
2.5oz pre-cut 8×8 cut-away backing for your garments (white),
3.6oz 4×16 tear away cap backing,
one box of 100 Fil Tec magnetic bobbins,
along with a tool kit,
and an oil pen for your machine.

It’s always good to purchase software depending on what you are wanting to do. We offer Gunold Masterfonts which offers over 250 different types of fonts for names or monogramming. Sierra Office 17 Lettering and Editing  is important so you can change existing designs. If you are wanting to do your own digitizing, we offer Wilcom E4. With the Wilcom E4 software you will have no limitations and can tackle any design head on.

I always suggest purchasing a Hoopmaster Mighty Hoop 5.5 Kit for hooping your garments with consistency on the right chest and left chest logos because these can be challenging for beginners and it will help with speed as well.

If you will be running backs of caps, please purchase a Hooptech back of cap clamp. These are amazing products and are very fast and easy to use. You can also use a Hooptech ICTCS-1 clamping system for backs and they also include left side and right side for the cap, this is ideal because hooping sides on a traditional cap frame takes practice and can be difficult.

When running your machine, it is also important to understand your tensions. So please purchase a tension gauge to test your thread and make sure it has the proper tension. Trust me this product will make your jobs easier.

If you are wishing to do patches, you will need twill material, KK adhesive spray or a Gudy Stick, and 80mil. Ultra Solvy topping.

If you will be embroidering bags, beanies, leather, or thick jackets, you will need tear away backing. We have both backing in white and black options. Make sure you are choosing the correct color for your shirts. Use black backing for dark colored garments and white for light colored.

The same above color matching concept goes for puff foam if you will be running 3D caps. Make sure you are using the same color or at least as close as you can get to the color of thread you will be running in puff. The most popular sized puff foam will be 3mm. This is offered in many colors and they also have a Dense option. This will sometimes run better on specific designs so the increase in cost is worth it.

If you like to embroidery a lot of bags or purses, I suggest the Durkee 7 in 1 EZ frame set. This includes many different sized windows for different projects and they are very durable. Durkee EZ Frames also have a lifetime replacement warranty against manufacturers defects. Next, you will need Filmoplast Sticky paper backing for these. Your bag or blanket simply sticks to the paper while embroidering and to remove, it will simply tear off. To remove the left over adhesive, use Goo Gone or something similar and gently scrub the frame of the window.

Every project has a secret to doing it the most efficiently. If you have any questions on what you will need, please call us here at Stitch It International and our experienced staff will be happy to answer them.

If you are interested in any of these products, please give us a call or check out our online store at www.siistore.com. I will be able to answer any questions you may have or help you with your measurements for your machine.

Lacey Stephens

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