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Monday, October 16, 2017

L-R in picture: Roy Burton, Byeong-Jun Son, John-Paul Burton, Hwa-Jang Dong, Todd Ryu and Yungrok Park.

This article was first printed in the United Kingdom Printwear & Promotion Magazine Vol. 24 No. 5 May 2016 Edition on pg 13. The article highlights the SWF machine sales distribution for the United Kingdom network.


Reposted as is from the Printwear & Promotion Magazine:

Embroidery has seen a resurgence in recent times and to capitalise on this SWF has been acquired by a company new to the industry.

Mobase is a name not recognised by many, yet many of us will have something of theirs in our home or office as the company is heavily involved as a main product supplier to Samsung and the level of expertise and commitment required to be successful in this arena will work well when applied to embroidery.

At a recent meeting Byeong-Jun Son, the chairman of Mobase Company and now also SunStar Company, said: “We are delighted at this new acquisition. Our company (Mobase Company) engages in engineering manufacturing with very strong business to business connections. Having companies in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and China employing more than 2,000 staff we are very aware of global demand. Being a supplier to Samsung means that we are at the forefront of new technology and manufacturing processes but we still continue to look for new ways to expand our horizons. In SunStar Company, which has been at the cutting edge of developments for many years in both the sewing and embroidery machine industries, we saw an amazing opportunity.

“Continued development of brands such as SunStar and SWF means advanced machinery is supplied to some of the world’s biggest garment designers and manufacturers. Machines such as the high speed DM and Dual function embroidery machines are supplied to many such businesses through our partner distributors such as Your Embroidery Services Ltd based in the UK. We will continue to support these distribution channels as well as our final customers through our alliance with such highly skilled companies. We are already undertaking more product development to keep our customers at the forefront of embroidery technology for the years ahead. New model machines, offering advanced production facilities for the end user, will be launched within 2016.”

Roy and John-Paul Burton of Your Embroidery Services Ltd, which has been the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Eire distributor for over 20 years, said: “The production factory is a hot bed of activity. Although there were rumours about the SunStar SWF Company stopping production, the opposite is where they are. They are a vibrant team, committed to success and sailing full steam ahead to the future.”


Your Embroidery Services is the official SWF Distributor in the U.K.

Stitch It International is the official SWF Distributor in North America.

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