3 ways the KS-Series will change your embroidery business

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

At some point, every embroiderer faces headaches. Thread breaks that ruin product. Design placement mistakes. Problems converting from flats to hats. Sacrificing quality to meet quotas. The list goes on. And on.
Which is why when SWF was designing the new KS–Series, they took all of those challenges into account. The result is a truly unique, innovative and intuitive machine that is changing the embroidery experience. Here’s how:

#1 No more compromising quality for volume
We can’t emphasize how huge this is. Even hard-to-tackle projects like 3D puff designs are easily knocked out with the KS-Series. And at an industry-leading 1,200 SPM, this machine gets the job done fast, while maintaining unparalleled stitch quality. See it in action HERE. In addition, it’s superior memory (490 million stitches) offers the added convenience of storing more designs on the machine.

#2 More control equals better results
Cutting down on errors leads to increasing profits, something every business owner should cheer for. The KS-Series’ Thread Break Detection feature is just one of the ways it helps reduce mistakes, pausing if a thread breaks and allowing you to pick right back up where you left off, vs. starting over. Laser tracing allows users to see the design outline before stitching to minimize problems. And SWF’s patented Quick Change Cap system offers fast transitions from flats to caps. All of that together means greater efficiency and fewer errors for your business.

Interested in how the KS-Series stacks up against other embroidery machines? We break it down for you HERE.

#3 New tech makes it easier (and cooler!) than ever
The KS-Series is truly the best thing to happen to embroidery machines since their invention. Innovative features like WiFi networking allow users to control up to 200 machines from one computer, transfer designs seamlessly from computer to machine and start and monitor project progress. New tech also means new opportunities for creativity, like:

  • A 15.1” touchscreen panel that displays jobs in real-time
  • Freehand stitch, allowing you to draw and embroider custom designs
  • An adjustable presser foot offers advanced control for handling specialty projects like 3D puff designs

Wanted to learn more about KS-Series? Schedule a time to chat with a team member HERE.

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