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Stitch It International, Inc. was established by Brent McMinn. Beginning in 1988 with just a single head embroidery machine, Brent and his wife Lynne, started doing embroidery out of their home. Within 3 1/2 years, they grew to 210 heads, relocated to a new building, and formed a company named Monograms and More. They became one of the top three fastest growing embroidery companies in the industry. As a result of this rapid growth, Brent saw the potential to begin buying and selling used embroidery machines and started doing so in 1991. The sales volume grew immensely and in 1997, Brent sold his contract embroidery business to his brother, who is still operating as a large contract embroiderer, and has totally focused his attention on buying and selling used embroidery equipment.

Currently, Stitch It International, Inc. sells embroidery equipment nationally as well as shipping hundreds of machines every year to international destinations. The staff of Stitch It International, Inc. has combined experience of more than 40 years in the embroidery business including in-house service technicians that refurbish the machines and provide technical support.

In addition to Stitch It International, Inc., Brent also owns and operates the affiliate companies Advanced Embroidery Supply, Anchor Leasing, Embroidery Services, Inc., Embroidery Express, LLC, and a location in Mexico named Servicios De Bordados Express.

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Stitch It International, Inc.

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